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Affiliate Program

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Start making money today 15% commission. Join our free affiliate program that enables you to make money every minute.

How to join?

Easy and simple, go to Affiliate area. Fill up the necessary information and you are good to go. You get approved instantly. It will take 2-5 minutes to give your affiliate code/link that you can use on your site.

Why Joining Sunee Wedding Jewelry- Affiliate Program?

  • The best paying commission of 15% of any sales you make.
  • You get 15% commission if you are purchasing products yourself.
  • You get 15% commission if you refer someone to the store.
  • You get 15% ¬†commission if you refer someone through your affiliate link on your site.

Upgrade to become a member and earn 35% of any sales you make.


We are looking forward to having you in our team.


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9 thoughts on “Affiliate Program

  1. Hi Sunewako

    Your post here is quite interesting. One can make 15% interest in multiple ways. It is awesome in my opinion that one gets a commission on products that they buy. Just got a few questions. How long has the affiliate program been around? What does it cost to join? An what kind of jewelry is sold?

    1. Hello Tim,

      This program is free to join.

      Yes, they are many ways you can earn from this affiliate program. This program has been around for months now. I set up this program to make it easier for those who wish to sell online through affiliate program. Most affiliate programs makes it so hard for people to join and it takes days for them to approve you. We sell wedding jewelry; rings, necklaces, earrings, watches and many more.

      It will up to you what you want to promote.

      Thank you for taking time and drop a comment.


  2. This seems to be an interesting opportunity! I haven’t heard of this before so it’s definitely somethingill research further. Could you please explain how I would be able to get 35% commission if I’m only getting 15% at a given step. Are you saying that I could get paid up tuple times for the same referral?

    1. Hello Chris, this may sound as if is not true. If you become a member you will make more money. You will be getting 35% instead of 15% from any sales you make through your affiliate links and banners. For example: If someone purchase a product that cost $250 you get $87 for that referral. And you will have access to more coupons to offer on your site compared to a regular affiliate who will have a limited access.

      Jewelry is one of things that makes money because the quality and the value. One piece of gold ring can cost $2500, and in this case you earn $875 in 35% zone and $375 in 15%zone just for referrals.

      -Regular affiliate is free and you earn 15% from every sales

      -To become a member is only $17/month, and you earn 35% from every sales

      People buy jewelry every day and this is a great opportunity.

      Thank you for such a good question and we are looking forward to see you on Sunee Wedding Jewelry Affiliate.


  3. Thank you for giving information on the program. I think it is a good program. I thing selling jewelery can be profitable and joining Sunee Weeding Jewelery will boost my online business.
    I love the idea that it easy to join and that it does not take time.
    The percentage of the commission is Good.

    Upgrading to membership has an advantage of more commission which I think will be recovered after a few sales

    1. Hello Jonathan,

      Thank you for dropping a comment and being interested in Sunee Wedding Jewelry. It is better to make it easier for people to join than making it difficult because some people get discouraged if you make things complicated.

      People are buying jewelry everyday. It is one of the things that are very easy to buy online. We are looking forward to have you in our team and If you have any other questions feel to contact us.


  4. This is one of the easiest ways to make money online.

  5. I certainly like the fact that you offer the 15 percent in a variety of ways. It gives your affiliates more chances to make a profit off of this website. I do have to say that I took a look at your jewelry area and I really love the items that you are selling.
    When signing up as an affiliate do you offer promotional items to help your affiliates out? And I was just wondering how you payout.
    I will pass this along to a few friends that are in the bridal industry, they should be delighted to get this information on the affiliate program.


  6. Does this program cost anything to join? I see at the bottom you say that you get 35% if you upgrade to join?

    I try, as a rule, not to join affiliate programs that you have to pay to join. In my opinion, you are doing them a favour by promoting their goods, so they should be paying you, and not the other way around.

    Never the less, 15% is quite a good commission structure. Especially on high price tag things like jewellery.

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