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  • BDC Earrings
    BDC Earrings
    Sterling Silver
  • BGN Necklace
    BGN Necklace
    24k Yellow Gold
  • BBS Bracelet
    BBS Bracelet
    24k Yellow Gold
  • BBT Necklace
    BBT Necklace
    18k Yellow Gold
  • TTT Bracelet
    TTT Bracelet
    Silver Plated
  • MTL Bracelet
    MTL Bracelet
    925 Sterling Silver
  • MWT Bridal Set
    MWT Bridal Set
    Clear Rhinestone
  • MWK Wedding Set
    MWK Wedding Set
    Silver Plated
  • MMN Bridal Set
    MMN Bridal Set
  • NBT Bridal Set
    NBT Bridal Set
    Silver Plated
  • VIC Wedding band
    VIC Wedding band
    14k gold, 925 sterling silver
  • SMT Wedding Band
    SMT Wedding Band
    14k gold,925 sterling silver
  • VISS Wedding Band
    VISS Wedding Band
    14k sliver & gold
  • VISG Wedding band
    VISG Wedding band
    14k yellow gold
  • VIS Wedding Band
    VIS Wedding Band
    14k Gold,925 Sterling Silver
  • VIP Wedding Band
    VIP Wedding Band
    925 Gold Sterling Sliver
  • TLM Wedding Ring
    TLM Wedding Ring
    925 Sterling Sliver
  • TLC Wedding Ring
    TLC Wedding Ring
    Rose 925 Sterling Silver
  • TLT Wedding Ring
    TLT Wedding Ring
    Gold 925 Sterling Silver
  • MRG Wedding Ring
    MRG Wedding Ring
    10k Solid Gold Rose
  • MRU Wedding Ring
    MRU Wedding Ring
    10k Solid Gold silver
  • MRT Wedding Ring
    MRT Wedding Ring
    10k Solid Gold
  • PMR Wedding Ring
    PMR Wedding Ring
    925 Sterling Silver Rose colour
  • PMQ Wedding Ring
    PMQ Wedding Ring
    925 Sterling Silver/Gold
  • PMS Wedding Ring
    PMS Wedding Ring
    925 Sterling Silver
  • MTR Watch
    MTR Watch
  • AMN BARIHO Watch
    AMN BARIHO Watch
    BARIHO Stainless Steel
  • LLV Wedding Band
    LLV Wedding Band
    CZ Zircon
  • LM Wedding Band
    LM Wedding Band
    CZ 925 Sterling Silver
  • STV Men's Ring
    STV Men's Ring
    14k gold plated
  • MK Engagement Ring
    MK Engagement Ring
  • TH Wedding Ring
    TH Wedding Ring
    Gold plated
  • SR  Wedding Ring
    SR Wedding Ring
    White Gold plated
  • MKR Wedding Ring
    MKR Wedding Ring
    High-Quality Plated Silver & Gold
  • LUV Engagement Ring
    LUV Engagement Ring
  • HT Wedding Ring
    HT Wedding Ring
    Platinum Plated
  • SW Wedding Ring
    SW Wedding Ring
    2.75 carat of gold
  • RSZ Wedding Ring
    RSZ Wedding Ring
    White Gold Plated
  • TM Wedding Ring
    TM Wedding Ring
    White Gold Plated
  • MK Wedding Ring
    MK Wedding Ring
    Silver Stainless Steel
 IN THE STORE –  We offer the best  and quality wedding product.  Engagement rings, wedding rings, necklaces, watches, band and many other types of jewellery for your wedding. Our products  are made out of pure gold, pure silver, gold plated, gold filled,  pure silver, Britannia silver, sterling silver, coin silver, electrum and silver plated jewellery. They are designed to meet your needs and they are a unique symbol of your love to one another that will not fade away.



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